Global Academic Maker Society

Apply to become a member of the Global Academic Makers Society

GAMS Mission Statement

The Global Academic Maker Society fosters the use of academic makerspaces within higher education.  GAMS promotes the sharing of best practices, the formation of collaborations, and the availability of resources and knowledge that enable safe and effective makerspaces that maximize their impact on the student educational experience.

GAMS Individual Member Benefits

  • 10% off early registration for the 2019 Int'l Symposium on Academic Makerspaces [approximately $50 dollar value]
  • 05% off course tuition for 1 HEMI course per year, e.g. Makerspaces 101 [approximately $150 value]
  • Access to GAMS sections of MakerShare website
  • Bi-monthly GAMS on-line (PDF format) newsletter
  • Access to networking/peers in GAMS interest groups
  • Ability to publish in the Int'l Journal of Academic Makerspaces and Making

How to Apply

Becomming a member happens in two stages:

  1. Apply - Applications will be reviewed and notices of acceptance will go out starting on September 1, 2018.  Applications will be processed within 2 weeks.
  2. Join -   Accepted applicants will receive further instructions to officially join, e.g. dues payment, signing up for interest groups, etc.

Individual Membership

Annual membership (and associated dues) is based on the calendar year, 2018 rates are:

  • Professional rate:  $100
  • Student rate:         $20

Membership and dues are not due when you apply, they are due when you join. 

Corporate Membership

Please contact for information on applying for company memborships/sponsorship.  Each corporate member may designate employees to receive the individual memberships associated with each membership level.  These memberships run from January 2019 - December 2019 and once assigned to an employee may not be transferred to another.  The employees with individual memberships receive the member benefits listed above within "GAMS Individual Member Benefits."

Diamond: $2,500 for 5 individual memberships + 6 full page advertisements in GAMS bi-monthly newsletter [Equivalent to $750 memberships + $2,000 advertisement, $2,750 value]

Gold:        $1,250 for 3 individual memberships + 6 half page advertisements in GAMS bi-monthly newsletter [Equivalent to $450 memberships + $900 advertisement, $1,350 value]

Silver:      $500 for 2 individual memberships + 6 quarter page advertisement in GAMS bi-monthly newsletter [Equivalent to $300 memberships + $300 advertisement, $600 value]